Company Overview

Pioneering healthcare innovation with AI-driven solutions, transforming challenges into opportunities, shaping the future of healthcare in America.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving and empowering all healthcare organizations in need of innovative solutions to address their operational limitations and challenges. Through innovation, cutting-edge therapies and the application of advanced AI technologies, we strive to transform healthcare by delivering best-in-class technology and therapeutic solutions.

Strategic Acquisitions

HealthTech AI

MICA has strategically partnered with Intelligent HealthTech AI, a leading company in California specializing in cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare sector.

Growth Strategy

National Expansion of Revenue Cycle Management Services

Continuation of Developing AI Automation Modules

Medical Clinic and Facility Acquisition

Academic Partnership

MICA has joined forces with Oklahoma State University in an unprecedented partnership, facilitating groundbreaking advancements in biomedical engineering and technology using MICA’s AI platform.

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