Transforming Healthcare
Through Innovation

Our focus is serving healthcare organizations by addressing their operational limitations and financial challenges with cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on technology, we aim to transform the healthcare landscape through advancements in automation and artificial intelligence.

MICA's Services for Healthcare

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Harnessing cutting-edge automation technologies, our company specializes in delivering top-notch revenue cycle management services.

Artificial Intelligence Automation Services

At the forefront of healthcare innovation, our company excels in harnessing artificial intelligence to automate and revolutionize healthcare processes.

Managed Care Technology Services

As pioneers in managed care technology, our company boasts extensive expertise in delivering tailored solutions to optimize healthcare management.

Advanced Therapeutic Services

With a deep-rooted commitment to advancing therapeutic solutions, our company specializes in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

Examples of Healthcare Automation in Action

We’re dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations with innovative solutions to tackle operational challenges. We’ve developed advanced platforms assisting in numerous processes aimed to transform healthcare delivery with top-tier solutions. Ask for a demo today!

OCR Automated Payment Posting

Our proprietary OCR technology turns PDF documents into custom formatted CSV files in seconds for an easy-to-upload file directly into any accounting or EMR system.

Automated Inventory Management

Our platform provides real-time reconciliation between client's inventory platform and accounting system to perform 3-way matching of PO -> GRN -> Invoice. We offer a fully customizable workflow mapping functionality boasting a technology agnostic integration platform.

AI-Assisted Patient Referrals

Our patient referral platform is built specific to each client's patient in-take process within their EMR in combination with their electronic fax system to automated the highly manual patient in-take processes.